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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is all the news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am lisa robinson come in for sarah caldwell. therit has been a violent 24 hours, with at least a dozen shootings in the city and at least four people confirmed dead city police responded to west
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coldspring lane just before 7:30 last night, where they found a man shot and slumped over in a car. a homicide unit has been notified, but there's no official word on the victim's condition at this hour. city police are also investigating three separate double shooting that happened in east baltimore. the first happened at north streeper street just after 3:00 this morning. that is when the police found two male victims, one of them a 20-year-old shot in the face. police say that the second victim only suffered a graze wounds. no word on conditions or possible motive. five hours after the shooting, officers responded to the 200 block of eaton street. a 32-year-old man was killed in that attack. the other victim is in the hospital right now. this shooting may have stemmed from a possible robbery attempt. just minutes before that, officers were called to the 2700 block of boone street.
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we are told that both victims received gunshot wednesday, one of them shot in the leg. both were taken to an area hospital for treatment. barry simms will have more on these shootings and whether they could be connected tonight at 5:00. a senseless crime -- that is what police are saying about the death of a mother who was killed over the weekend. she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> somebody's daughter -- that is number one. you took away somebody's daughter. and you took away somebody's mother. and me -- you did nothing but take away my soul mate. >> geron mills is describing his 22-year-old fiancee, larelle amos. she was the mother of his 1- year-old son. a family party was ending, and larelle had walked to the fun
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part of the home in alameda. shots were fired and one of them starker in the chest, killing her last words geron heard from his fiancee were "call 911." >> detectives don't believe in any way that this young woman was the intended target. >> her mother called her a super and wonderful person. now larelle's son is without a mother. >> unacceptable. we not going to rest until it is completed. we ask whoever it is to come forward, or if somebody heard something or knew something, speak up. that is the right thing to do. >> he or she didn't hide themselves when they pulled that trigger.
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if you are man enough or woman enough to do that, let the police know what you did it just confess, "i pulled the trigger and it hit the wrong person." >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> boy, is it humid out there. the dew point in the mid-70's, and that is creating a humidity level of a 74%. we had showers earlier this morning. there is still a chance you could see more of that as we get into the afternoon. 30% chance of showers and storms through 3:00 p.m., also 3:06 p.m., as temperatures will be in the mid-80's. that is the case as we go into tonight. by 9:00 p.m., 40% chance for showers. although they will be scattered, if you do have a shower or storm, it could be on the heavy side. we will talk about that in the seven-day in a few minutes. >> the democratic national
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convention is set to kick off in charlotte. gov. martin o'malley will take the stage in primetime at 10:00 tonight. response tells us who else we will see on the bottom -- tracie potts tells us who else we will see on the podium. >> today we will hear from democrats that president obama has moved the country for, including mitt romney's successor, massachusetts gov. deval patrick. >> we were 47th in the nation. >> and up-and-coming democrat, the san antonio, texas mayor, is tonight's keynote speaker, the same roll that put president obama in the national spotlight eight years ago. >> the most challenging part is not at the speech itself, it is the enormity of the crowd and the arena. >> the focus tonight will be on
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first lady michelle obama. >> she will tell the story of what he has done for this country. >> vice president biden arrived today, the president arrives on wednesday. also today, the party platform, which includes support for same- sex marriage, abortion r ights, and experts for the middle-class. >> coming up, a hotel obliterated and its trade and an actor's life cut tragically short period and carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your plant questions. emailed plantquestio
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tallied officials up the damage after a hotel when up and find an organ over the weekend. it cost $5.6 million in damage c.
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you can see that the flames were shooting through the roof. it was unoccupied and being used for storage. fire officials have not ruled out arson as a cause. the cleanup continues in the gulf coast states following hurricane isaac. the dam at the state park was in danger of giving way, which forced evacuation's downstream. workers have completed a drainage ditch it to divert more floodwater. hollywood is mourning the loss of actor michael clarke duncan today after he died from complications following a heart attack. the body guard-turned-actor had been in a medical center since suffering a heart attack in july could his break out role came in the 1999 film "the green mile," earning him an academy award nomination. michael clarke duncan was 54 years old. coming up, the cost of buying
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organic. how you can save at the farmer'' market. >> check out these and two. temperatures. low-to-mid-70's. we have a chance for some thunderstorms. we will talk about that in the insta-weather-plus forecast. 72 degrees. warmer in baltimore. >> don't forget, carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer plan questions. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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>> in our "medical alert," new research reveals that higher blood sugar levels and tha -- impacts the brain, even for those who don't have diabetes. australian scientists say that people with blood sugar levels at the upper end of the normal range are at risk. they are likely to have a loss of the brain volume in areas linked to a inconnu to the skills. anemia affects millions of women worldwide, but how do you know he or anemic and when you get it checked out? there are multiple causes, but three major reasons why someone would be anemic. >> they are not making enough red blood cel or the they are losing them they no live long
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enough, for some reason. they have a low banks of life span -- low length of lifespan. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> we start with a live look at hd doppler. a few more showers and storms building back towards cecil county. we still have some activity to worry about. looking towards the lower eastern shore is, light showers heading towards a ocean city as well. let's look at what is happening in the tropics first. in the mid-atlantic, the tropics have been very active. we just had isaac and we have
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our latest systems did michael is a much smaller storm. it is mostly expected to stay out of the secret lesley aches expected to stay out of the east coast but bermuda is and its direct path. we have a tropical storm lesley ann winds at 60 miles per hour. it could strengthen into a category one hurricane. that is bermuda there. notice how it takes attack directly west of bermuda, where it could be a category two hurricane. people tend to travel to permit a this time of year. -- to bermuda this time of year. 82 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. 83's rock hall. we are showing a decline
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temperatures because this makes the difference to the forecast -- the dew point temperatures because this makes the difference to the forecast. you feel the humidity and your hair does not cooperate with the forecast and it feels more uncomfortable out. there is a stationary bouncer just by over us. the fact that and if there is not moving in that the pattern is not going to change anytime soon. this part of what is left over of isaac. we have energy swinging around it and that will. in the forecast, a lot of rain chances. the upper 60s and the suburbs -- in the suburbs. very humid air the next couple of days. notice the rain chance is every single day.
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rain chances return this weekend. >> in the "consumer alert," lots of focus put on healthy eating habits. organic option's cost a lot more. according to researchers at stanford university, there is almost no nutritional difference between organic and non-organic produce, but there is a difference in the use of pesticides. organic fruit and that'that troubles at a lower risk of pesticide contamination. farmers' markets often have fresher foods every family but often charge high prices. you can enjoy food strength fr -- food straight and the farm without breaking your piggy bank. >> what are you shopping for today? >> fruits and vegetables for the
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kids. is a fun for the kids. >> and healthy. >> but how'd you get the best deal? offered a 13est" at things you should know about farmers' market. >> if you want to get something into season, some markets will give you discounts on produce. >> haggling is tough to do. >> the big misperception that farmers markets are overly expensive or out of reach -- overall, they are comparable if not a little bit cheaper. >> prices are actually pretty good. >> with the vegetables, you get a better deal here than at a supermarket. berries are expensive and some of the organic eggs and things
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are way more expensive. >> some farmers avoid a lengthy and costly process of certifying their fruits as organic. >> tell me about your farm, do you spray, kinds of methods to use. >> you can find your favorite former by websites and social media. >> if he spent $100 at a farmers' market, 62 of that goes into the local economy compared to 25 at the supermarket. there is a big impact there. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your pet questions. >> hello, lisa. >> what in the world is this? >> it is pretty cool. feel that. it is like a bladder -- actually holds water.
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in sex fall in there and get digested -- insects fall in there and get adjusted. >> if you give me that as a gift -- >> you would not be happy with me. [laughter] there is a lot of things you can plant now. pansies -- as soon as the weather was down a bit. let's gon on wi -- get on with that. and even some things in december, like petunias, will be s intiful -- some thingsi the summer, petunias, will be beautiful -- >> and those plants -- marigold's? >> marigold petunias? you're kind of late now, but cut them back a few times a year.
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absolutely. next month is a great time. throw some grass seed down. there is multiple help keep it nice and moist. >> it seems early to be talking about this. if you have it outside, bring it inside. by the time we get into another month, you want to go ahead and give 14 hours of night time. >> it is like dealing with another child. >> how many do you want? [laughter] >> if you have a question you want answered -- i think i will get that for ava,
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though. maryland lottery numbers and another check of the insta- weather-plus forecast. first, a look at wall street's.
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question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> to add a 5:00, we're working to learn more about the string
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of violence in the city as police probe nearly a dozen separate incidents. we will look into whether the shootings are related and what this means for the new police commissioner. a murder at a towson town center. gov. martin o'malley takes center stage tonight at the democratic national convention. a preview of the much- anticipated speech. and now your maryland lottery pick three and pick four numbers. >> ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock with you with your pick 3 numbers. that is eight two, followed by three, and a final number for your pick three game is 7. 2, 3, 7. in a moment, pick four, but first, the lucky sevens gamecock $5.
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-- damn book. $5 scratch-off street look for it at your favorite lottery retailer. bob diamond is set to go. 5, followed by 1, an index number is or next number is 7. final number is 0. 5, 1, 7, 0. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> carie said i could take this home. >> ok, enjoy. >> every plant is beautiful. rain in the next couple of days. humid conditions. maybe even upper 80s by the end of the week. next monday, which dropped into the 70's.
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me and my plant.
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